Artificial Intelligence, Genuine Results

Do you use artificial intelligence in your business?
Introducing ISA
Conversica Sales Assistant
ISA ...
  • is a smart, personal, automated virtual assistant, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • works with each member of the sales team, as a dedicated assistant.
  • starts conversations with customers and prospects, identifying those with intent to purchase.
  • connects sales people with hot prospects.
  • helps sales people present the right offer to the right prospects at the right time.

Move beyond segmenting your customers by their opens and clicks. By engaging your customers in conversations, you learn more than just their response to an offer. Now may not be the right time for a prospect: don’t give up on that prospect forever. The Conversica Sales Assistant, ISA, will extend the conversation and check back with that customer to find the right time for that offer.

Your Conversica Salest Assistant, ISA, might engage a prospect after the first or fifth attempt, long after sales person has given up. Personal, persistent communications allow ISA to determine intent, allowing sales people to spend more time with people who are interested and less time chasing people who are not. ISA learns from conversations and interactions with customers and the sales team, automatically optimizing the cadence and timing of conversations.
Sales automation boosts productivity and morale

Consider the amount of time and effort your sales team spends chasing and talking to prospects who are not interested. Imagine all of that time spent having conversations with prospects who are interested. How much more productive could your team be? How will morale change with your team spending more time with hot prospects?

Each conversation follows a natural, narrative flow, and is guided automatically. Customers express their current interest in an offer, which guides the conversation.
Natural flow of conversation